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A Pricelist has been created in case you would like to participate to Curvy Mathematics recreational Mutual Fund. Rates will change daily. The procedure goes like this:

1. Choose your currency

2. If you would like to use a different type of currency, let us know

3. Choose the amount of CMC you would like to buy

Fill in The Form and you will have fun!


Started wagering on the 12th of March, it is time to show the progress of the recreational mutual fund (Curvy Mathematics Mutual Fund). Hopefully, every Thursday we will have good news. Everyone can keep an eye on how the game is progressing on The Sheet. We have started with 50 CMC and today we stand at 53.776 CMC. It is not much but it is a good ratio, given the fact that people tend to risk their money for potential profits less than

(53.776 - 50) ÷ 50 = 0.075 or 7.5%.

Additionally, 25 CMC have been bought for Curvy Mathematics and hopefully this is going to happen every Thursday.


Curvy Mathematics has just closed a 2-week survey in order to collect opinions about interesting topics on mathematics. It seems that Economics and Geometry has attracted most of our members interest.

Moreover, a mutual fund game is starting today, just for fun and aiming to retain the interest in Curvy Mathematics site alive. 

How it works : By default all people who chose to participate in this game, get 1 CMC (CurvyMathsCoin) which is equal to 0.20EUR. You will be able to watch it at The Sheet and via our weekly newsletter. There are 50 CMC shared to 25 people. The rest 25 CMC belong to Curvy Mathematics and members participating in this mutual fund game will decide about their luck via polls.

Obviously, Curvy Mathematics have 50% of the shares of the mutual fund and each one of the 25 members has 2% of them. Additional shares will be allowed to bought at several occasions. You will be notified in advance.

Created by Gratiano - Curvy Mathematics