Curvy Mathematics

Curvy Mathematics


A brief history of Curvy Mathematics

Are you afraid of mathematics? Do you doubt your intelligence because you can’t make a simple subtraction without a calculator? Have you ever wondered why so many people around the world manipulate numbers in order to make money?

Originating back in 1996...

The story starts back in 1996 when I was looking at the world through the eyes of a teenager at school, trying to acquire knowledge, trying to memorize and hoping that the world can  change and humanity can easily make huge steps forward! Unfortunately, that wasn’t exactly the case...Luckily, there were a few people who shared my hopes for a better world! Indeed, a scientific magazine called "Quantum" was published, approachable not only by scientists, but accessible to everyday people. Providing a mixture of spectacular articles from the American and Russian editions of the magazine, it was truly amazing! But very expensive for my teenage wallet... and unfortunately, a little too advanced for my level of mathematics and physics. I was always intrigued by SETI and non-linear (curvy) geometries but I could barely pass my mathematics exams at school. This terrible situation persisted even after acquiring my undergraduate degree in chemistry. I still faced great obstacles concerning my understanding of mathematics.

Heads up and march on!

In 2010 I contacted the publications of "Quantum" magazine in order to purchase a subscription. I discovered that the distribution of this wonderful magazine had ceased a couple years prior. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed! Such a useful, educational magazine and there was no audience in Greece to cover its expenses so that more people could have access to such unique knowledge! What a disaster! I explained to the person in charge that it was of vital importance and of sentimental value, for me to acquire a copy of all the issues published. She totally understood and not only did she find all of the copies issued in Greece but she also provided them at a discounted price! Now I am proud to say that I have all issues of "Quantum" ever released in Greece! And above all, I am able to understand the mathematical background of most of the articles(at least of those which I am interested in).

Heads down and advance!

There is a gap between purchasing all of the issues and managing to comprehend what is written in them. The igniting spark was inside the very first article which was describing dynamic programming, a procedure re-invented a few decades ago but it existed back in ancient Egypt. Not under the same name but under the combination of multiplication and common logic. "How can this be possible?!?!? Ancient Egyptians could comprehend such a complex procedure and I find it difficult to comprehend limits and optimization???" I am too selfish to accept such a fact in a creative way to make a further effort to accept the fact that I am either imbecile or... I have to change my point of view. Things became much easier when I looked at my difficulty from a different angle. And I overcame it!

Valid facts and theoritical understanding generate solutions to harsh problems.

This is a statement to memorize thermodynamics rules. It is beyond doubt, a valid statement in every day life too. I am convinced that most people are afraid of mathematics because they had poor guidance. Being a mathematician does not mean that you are able to teach mathematics. Using math makes our everyday difficulties easier to cope with. Mathematics lower, shrink and reduce a problem into a game with numbers, with universal rules. It is much easier to play a game with a fixed set of rules instead of trying to find your way out of a problem using your experience and potential probabilities. Set the rules and play according to them. Get your answers based on your questions. It is the only fair, just, democratic, equal for all and universal game.

The show must go on...

I am not a certified mathematician but I can show you the way through the labyrinth of mathematics. If I am not able to help you, then I will show you the one who can. "Quantum" was an outstanding magazine but now, obsolete. Not in term of it content, rather its physical shape and appearance. Paper is costly and severely impacts our environment. An e-magazine eliminates these costs. Additionally, the material should be slightly different, accessible, so that more people will be inspired to dive deeper into mathematics after reading it. Biographies of scientists of the past as well wwftdffhgtffskrfivgcfcffffgdjtgsfftecfxfdnd d dsaasssdseeerxfggvhffmkhvbxxcsxffbas of contemporary ones shall wave as idols for people to learn from their lives. Applications of mathematics shall exhibit the magnificence of mathematics, even with topics like wagering or investing so that people will learn how to earn money or protect themselves from losses. Quizes, puzzles, riddles and other games or contests shall retain the interest of readers unabated. And above all, students of all ages will have the chance to be assisted properly so that they will not be dismayed by the difficulties of mathematics.

I wish you an amazing journey into the greatest of all human discoveries!

Join me, and dive into the non-linear (curvy) world we live in!